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U-tube heat exchanger


U-tube heat exchanger is a kind of tube heat exchanger, heat exchanger works are heat from the high temperature side to the low temperature section, U-tube heat exchanger tube each tube are bent into a U-shaped , The ends of the pipe are installed on both sides of the same fixed pipe plate, and the partition with the partition will be separated into two rooms, each tube can be automatically contraction, and other tubes and shells, even if the difference between the shell and the pipe Very large when the use of the actual production of circulating water cooling high temperature gas will often use U-tube heat exchanger, heat exchanger tube corrosion or leakage can only change the core, but should not be cleaned.

Heat exchangers are chemical, oil, power, food and many other industrial sectors of the common equipment, occupies an important position in the production. In the chemical production of heat exchangers can be used as heaters, coolers, condensers, evaporators and reboilers, etc., more widely used.

Key words:  U-tube heat exchanger

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