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Wuxi Huanyu Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Wuxi Taihu New City. Our company was founded in 1994, and became a joint-stock enterprise in 1997; at present, we have more than 200 staffs, 20 of them have senior titles, and 260 are high-level management personnel or senior skilled workers; moreover, we have more than 40 technical staffs (accounting for 20% of the total number of employees) working in the positions of design, process, welding and quality inspection, etc. Currently, we have CNY 18 million of circulating funds, CNY 25 million of fixed assets and over 300 sets of main production equipment and advanced detection apparatus.

As a member of China Chemical Equipment Association, Sinopec suppliers and China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, our company now is a backbone enterprise in the petrochemical, coal chemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industry of Wuxi city. Covering an area of 33,000 square meters, we have more than 2 million square meters of large-scale modern industrial plants. We are receiving high reputation in this trade for sound quality management network...

Wuxi Huanyu Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Heat Furnace

Heating furnace       930KW-2.5-Φ127     Qingjiang Petrochemical Company
Cylindrical vertical   250×104Kcal/h          Foshan Pengjiang Oil Co., Ltd.
Heating furnace       1000×104kcal/h        Ruida Oil Company Limited
Cylindrical vertical    400×104Kcal/h         Zengcheng Haitao Fuel Industry Co., Ltd.

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