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Radiator, radiating pipe series

Radiator, radiating pipe series  
SRZ type, U type Ⅱ Radiator, GL Ⅱ, S radiating pipe, SZL floating-head type oil heater, aluminum rolling fin and copper aluminum composite finned tube, single or double metal rolling heat exchange tube.
Structure and features:
1. SRL type Radiator used for air heating, air conditioning system air heating and drying device, suitable for steam and hot water heating system, which in the current industrial enterprise, the large construction has been widely used in heating and ventilation systems.
2. U Ⅱ type Radiator that is suitable for steam system, and is suitable for the hot water system, the in and out of the water connectors are on the same side, in and out of the pipe is used to form connections head, so adapted to install some special requirements, applicable to steam pressure high and low air temperature rise.
3. GL Ⅱ model for steel double circuit or multi loop air heat exchanger, in and out of the water pipe is located in the same side, the heat source for the steam or hot water, cold source for low temperature water or salt water, or air cooler, air heater can be used as a Radiator is a kind of economic versatility.
4. SZL floating-head type heater, choose efficient heat radiator pipe, steel tube, aluminum tube, composite body, small heat resistance, good heat transfer, high strength, small flow loss, corrosion. Is particularly high temperature, reduce the huge thermal stress, radiator pipe can be done automatically, contract, guarantee the service life of the equipment.
5. Rolling aluminum finned tube, the contact thermal resistance, high strength, less vibration and mechanical shock, and thermal expansion performance is good, so the heat exchange effect is good.
6. The copper aluminum composite finned tube have tight, small heat resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, small flow loss, strong anticorrosion performance, under the condition of cold hot for a long time is not easy to deformation, long working life, etc.​

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